Animal Art

I am reprsenting several animal art artists mainly round Europe. Such as the most selling artists in GB John Trickett, Malcolm Coward, Mick Cawston and Paul Doyle, And naturally the extremely talented famous Pippa Thew and Susan Harper, without forgetting the grand lady Barbara Hands, who is a real terrier specialist in her beautiful westie and scottie arts. Mike Sibleys talented black and white limited edition pencil works seem to attrack here in Scandinavia.. Jaqueline Stanhope from Scotland is one of my great favourities with her lovely horse prints as well as dogs. One more name which I cannot leave without special notes is Folke Bagger from Sweden, His works have for years been one of my best selling art pieces

The latest "star" in my gallery is coming from France - Martial Robin - Just a look at his beautiful pieces of art cannot leave anyone cool - he is getting more and more popular not only in Europe but also in USA. Lately his great limited edition prints - sold to a very reasonable price - are getting more and more popular - not forgetting his huge or small comission works: on paper,canvas or on wood - no matter - just everyone has been happy with their comissioned arts painted of their own dogs/cats/horses.

Most of the arts I am selling are limited edition prints, but also quite a number of originals. open edition prints and also statues, oil paintings, aquarels etc . Also copies of very old historical paintings from the early 1800 from Great Britain and Middle Europe.

There is a large number of very different statues available, mostly only single peaces from USA,England, Russia and Ireland - makers such as Sandycast, Killyglen, L'image, North Light. Also the very modern art statues called Mutts statues, designed in GB by Grant Palmer , representing several lovely joyful cats, also dogs and pig and donkeys !

All pieces of art can be seen on my web pages per breed . Special pages for Martial Robin arts and Mutts statues, Other animals (cats, cows,horses,foxes,pigs, birds) ets etc

90 % of the prints can be viewed also with different paspartours and frames - just to give proper impression for the buyers how the pictures will look when ready framed and chosen right coloured paspartour - try it - very interesting !

If you find something interesting you may order it via my email: or by phoning me and I am happy to help and maybe give new suggestions or ideas.

We can also discuss about different ways for the delivery and payment ( account, invoice, mobile pay or PayPal)

Delivery time from 3 days - 3 weeks. Only postal costs to be added to the price.